I’ve received an early Christmas present. My Drobo 5D seems to have died. Thankfully everything is backed up, but now considering alternative storage solutions. I’ll likely go for a NAS rather than DAS.


Eek, how did that happen, arnt these things meant to have several layers of redundancy?

There’s redundancy for the data that’s stored across the hard drives, but unfortunately it looks like the hardware enclosure/logic board has died. And not the first time it’s happened either!

😮‍💨At least data is safe! Can transfer drives over to a NAS enclosure?

If only it was that easy 😕 The data is stored in Drobo’s proprietary format. So I either have to migrate to another of Drobo’s products (highly unlikely), or download everything from my off-site backup.

Not a ringing endorsement for Drobo, that!

I’ve had my eye on a Synology NAS for a while, but it’s tricky knowing what to go for. My Drobo currently has 5 bays which are all occupied, and I’ve got several spare drives lying around. Plus an old, underpowered Netgear ReadyNAS not doing much.

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