I’ve decided. My website is in need of an overhaul. I like the concept of cultivating a digital garden whilst also combining some of the social aspects of the IndieWeb, so in the New Year I’ll don my gloves, a trowel and see how I get on!


Ace! I’ll be following along. 🙌

@scottmallinson Good luck! I’m planning my own replotting, so I’ll cheer you on as I do so.

@scottmallinson Sounds like a plan! I love the concept of the digital garden. I think that’s how I’d like to use my own root domain (while keeping a blog on the side) – it certainly takes some work to get going though, not too different from a real garden 😅

Thanks. I’m interested in your publishing workflow to photos.mrfrisby.com. Is it automated somehow?

@splinter @jayeless Thanks. I’m currently working through how to get everything I publish on the web (Instagram, Twitter, Swarm/Foursquare etc.) running through my own site, whilst presented in a way that makes sense.

It is. I use blot.im and then just have to place photos in a folder in my Dropbox, the destination folder determines the tags and I use iOS shortcuts for the uploading part.

Oooh, nice. I’ve not come across blot.im before. I’ll check it out.

I’m a huge fan – it’s been perfect for my needs. I’ve used it for both my main site and the photos one for … 5 years I think. Highly recommended. 👌

Good to hear your high praise. I’m exploring different options to complement/replace my current WordPress configuration. I have it setup reasonably well but there’s a lot of bloat, heavy reliance on plugins for IndieWeb stuff, and thus a lack of customisation

@scottmallinson I’d love to see@scottmallinson what you come up with!

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