Every year thousands of Mainland Chinese students sit the gaokao exam in the hope that they'll get admitted to one of the best universities in the country. It can be a stressful time for the students and their parents as the competition is fierce.

Exam results are released province by province over the period of several weeks. When the results are announced students enter their details into the provincial exam admission results system to determine if they've been admitted.

However due to the size and scale of China, often these systems cannot cope with the intense volumes of traffic. To ease the pressure on the provincial exam results systems, universities such as XJTLU have developed their own equivalents.

The project

It became necessary to redevelop XJTLU's system to resolve bugs and to apply the new online branding developed for the new XJLTU website.

Redesign and development

With an existing system to work from, we had great blueprints in order to develop the new system.

It's a simple application:

  1. Admissions staff upload admitted students' details by province into the system
  2. System signifies to the end user through a shaded map that the province's data has been uploaded
  3. End user selects their province if the data has been uploaded and enter's their gaokao ID and name
  4. End user receives a message indicating if they have been admitted or not.


More than 100,000 page views across a four week period. At peak, in excess of 14,000 page views per day.

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