Exam results are released by government bodies, province by province, over several weeks. When results are announced, students enter their details into a provincial results system to access their grades and, most importantly, to see if they’ve been admitted to their chosen university.

China’s population size, however, means these systems are often unable to cope with the intense volumes of traffic. To ease the pressure on provincial systems, universities such as Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) have developed their own web applications, catering solely to their applicants.


XJTLU’s existing application needed redeveloping to address functionality issues and to apply the online visual identity developed for the new XJTLU website.

I commissioned Joi Polloi to develop the replacement application, as they had worked on the new XJTLU website and were key in the creation of the online visual identity.


The existing system provided a great blueprint from which I could develop the new web application, which works as follows:

  1. Government body provides XJTLU with admitted students’ information by province
  2. Admissions staff upload admitted students’ details into the application by province
  3. Application signifies to the end user that the province’s data has been uploaded through a shaded map
  4. End user selects their province if the data has been uploaded and enters their gaokao ID and name
  5. End user receives a message indicating if they have been admitted or not.

The new application was a success, effortlessly supporting more than 100,000 page views across a four-week period and, at peak, in excess of 14,000 page views per day.