This week’s weeknotes is later than the scheduled programming thanks to a nice, long and relatively relaxing weekend spent in beautiful Girona with the family. More on that in a bit.

Last week was a mixed bag of emotions. Some news from management frustrated and angered some of us, especially as it felt unjust given our commitments to the project. We’re hoping that the message/tone got lost in translation before getting to us…

Off the back of that news we all decided to commit to working on Friday. Not ideal, but it meant we’ve been able to further advance our work ahead of a release later this week. Whether we’ll have to work this coming Friday is yet to be decided.

Having packed our bags Friday evening, Saturday morning we headed to Barcelona Sants train station to board our train to Girona where we stayed until Monday. We had booked a trip to Girona booked a couple of weeks before Christmas but the Little One was quite ill so we cancelled the trip.

Our apartment was in the more modern part of the town but only a stone’s throw from the historic centre. And what a historic centre. Beautiful, cobbled streets, winding alleyways and fabulous historic buildings including the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona, whose steps featured in the Game of Thrones.

We ate at some fantastic places, sampling delicious brunch dishes at La Comuna, mind-blowing ice-creams from Rocambolesc, and mouth-watering xuixos from Casamoner.

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