A relatively quiet week by all accounts.

On Thursday morning we realised that our dishwasher had somehow broken. The automatic arm that opens the dishwasher at the end of it’s drying cycle refused to retract preventing the door from closing. A call or two to customer services provided the necessary solution (brute force!).

Though I worked Friday it was to make progress on the plugin migration. Rather than having to maintain two versions of the code (pre- and post-migration) so far we’ve been able to hold off merges until migrated code has been merged. However Thursday our deadline comes and so does the end the project’s iteration when there will be more pressure from teams to merge their code.

We managed to get about 75% of plugins migrated by the time we finished for the weekend. So far it’s looking good that we’ll get the remaining 25% done in time.

I attempted to setup a Pleroma instance earlier this week, but failed when reality wasn’t aligned with the step-by-step guide I was following. I’ll try again soon as I need an escape plan from Twitter now they’re ending free access to their API.


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