The week started well and got progressively better.

I started Monday working with my taskforce colleagues in migrating the remaining plugins to the new framework and fixing any issues that arose as a result. By the end of the week we had migrated approximately 60% with two weeks until the deadline. It’s looking go so far, and barring any significant blockers, we should be able to complete in time.

On Tuesday I had my annual review which I was pleased with. I received good, constructive feedback from my manager with actions I have already started to introduce into my way of working.

New initiatives have been introduced at work to improve the quality of the code we deliver, which led to my playing around with Chrome DevTools Recorder, Testing Library Recorder and ChatGPT to create Jest tests and Gherkin feature files.

The project I’m working on started our planning session on Wednesday afternoon, and thanks to the preparation work our team had done in advance, we had the next 8-10 weeks work laid out by Friday morning. There was still the slim possibility of a change of plans if other teams’ needed to shift focus or scope, but in the final readout session on Friday afternoon that didn’t materialise. A successful, though exhausting, session by all.

The little one had his birthday on Saturday and we took him to the aquarium. It’s hard to tell what goes through their minds, but he seemed to enjoy it. Not sure if we’ll visit again though.

In the evening we had friends visit for some drinks and boardgames. Settlers of Catan. My first time playing and though I didn’t win, I had a good time losing.


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