Last week started out pretty rough as in our retrospective I brought to light how we were failing in our ability to not have to work Fridays (we have been piloting a four-day working week). My views were well received by the team but it wasn’t pleasant to deliver.

I’ve joined a taskforce at work to help with a significant in-house framework upgrade with breaking changes. It involves updating dependencies in more than 100 plugins, fixing and refactoring for the breaking changes, and testing and deploying to a test environment.

The taskforce made strong progress during the couple of days we assembled and decided to take the Friday off. Necessary as next week the project I work on will have three days of planning for the upcoming project increment and the days are going to be long and tiring but productive and useful.

Not working Friday was a luxury, and I spent most of it batch cooking for the little one and running errands. It paid dividends to get on top of everything before the weekend so we could all relax together as a family.

This weekend I’ve been working on the self assessment for my annual review. It’s not been easy against the backdrop of layoffs within the tech industry.


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