Having had the in-laws stay with us since mid-December we were sad to see them leave Friday morning. Not only was it great to have extra hands to take care of the little one (in particular whilst we worked and he was off nursery), seeing his relationship with his grandparents develop is heartwarming. We’re not sure when we’ll see them next with no immediate plans for visit the UK. Maybe summer?

The little one is coming down with another cold it seems. Streaming nose. Cough. Irritable. So we’re anticipating some bad nights’ ahead which is why I’ve spent most of the day batch cooking meals for them; lentil dahl, chili con carne, and if time permits tonight, cauliflower gnocchi. It’s mostly to replenish freezer stocks, but partly for the next couple of days at nursery.

There was some antics at work this week by teammates that meant I worked Friday (side note: the company I’m working for is piloting a four-day working week if we can deliver our commitments in the reduced time). Again. It’ll be raised on Monday in our retrospective.

I caught up with an old friend last night. Sharing the trials and tribulations of parenthood, discussing careers, as well as travel plans for 2023. It was good to catch-up after admittedly too long.

On the Drobo issue, the power supply is dead. Given that the DroboStore is perma-out-of-stock of replacements I’m considering taking it to a computer store to see if they can test it as I’d rather not invest in a replacement power supply if the Drobo unit is also dead.


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