Started back at work this week after the Christmas and New Year break. Only a short week however with some annual leave I had carried over needing to be taken, and Día de los Reyes on Friday.

Día de los Reyes was celebrated with a Roscón del Reyes and a cavalcade in our neighbourhood the night before, and with an all-you-can-eat Chinese/Japanese buffet on the day.

On work, it’s been a relatively quiet week. Our team is advancing on our commitments so I’ve largely been performing housekeeping tasks; updating dependencies, preparing plugins and micro-services for migration to Node 18, as well as general PR reviews. I’ve also started making notes for my annual review due by the end of the month.

I’ve been making small improvements to my website. Firstly by getting Webmentions, Micropub, syndication links, and Twitter cross-posting working. There’s still room for improvement though. Something, somewhere seems to post to Twitter twice in certain scenarios, or just once but without syndication links in the other.

Improvements are also needed for the caching I have enabled through CloudFlare. I need to invalidate/purge the cache of certain URIs when new content is posted. Though, in all honesty, the traffic to my website is so low is mostly as a learning opportunity than providing any actual benefit.

I cashed in one of my Christmas presents from last year and had a manicure and pedicure on Saturday morning. Something I have never done before but I enjoyed the experience and the results, and I’m trying to get better at #selfcare.

Also on the #selfcare front, I’m trying to get into reading as a more productive alternative to doomscrolling. I’ve started 2023 with 1984. If you feel so inclined, you can follow my progress on Literal.

Today, Sunday, I prepared a sausage casserole for the slow cooker anticipation of us going out for the day. A trip with my wife, the little one, and the the in-laws, to the El Llobregat estuary and the Delta del Llobregat. It was cold, windy, and wet. It was cool to see planes taking off and landing so close though. The sausage casserole was a success when we got in.


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