Last Friday our cohort started work on our first projects of the bootcamp – an interactive browser game using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The projects are designed to consolidate the previous two weeks of course material, whilst providing useful experience on how to plan, document, develop, test, and present our work.

I decided on attempting to recreate Guitar Hero. For my version, Iron Hero, the player simply presses keys when the note appears within a specified area to score points.

It proved a useful exercise in getting to grips with JavaScript’s object oriented programming (OOP) principles, whilst also familiarising myself with the canvas element.

At the outset I anticipated issues. Firstly, applying the OOP principles, specifically prototypal inheritance, which I had trouble grasping initially, and then animating the items (or notes) in time with music. Still the audio doesn’t match exactly with when the keys should be pressed.

I’ve found canvas very similar to Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash and ActionScript that I used when studying at university. I need to become more familiar with how it can be best used outside of a browser game to understand its real potential.

To wrap up each day (and to ensure we’re making progress) we’re asked to present our work in front of the others. It started with Google Slides and has gradually progressed into also demoing our projects. This is training in preparation of presentations to the whole Ironhack student body on Friday.

Note: a special thanks to my brother, Dan Mallinson, for helping explain some of the processes and principles I had issue with.

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