After six exhilerating, frustrating, happy, sad, long, and short years in China I’ve moved back to Europe. For a while I’ve wanted to leave China feeling that I’d accomplished what I set out to achieve, and late last year I committed and set in motion ‘the move’.

With the UK’s current political climate in turmoil (read Brexit) and still very much wanting to be part of the EU, I’ve made Barcelona my home for the foreseeable future.

I’ve been here for just over a week now and first impressions are promising. Blue skies, warm(ish) weather, and fresh air. Quite a departure from the grey, cold, and polluted environment of Suzhou, my home for almost four years, that I’ve left behind.

The move has encouraged me to think about where I see my career going. In China I advanced through web development roles ultimately to becoming web development manager. Through that progression I feel like I somehow lost touch with making things and the excitement that it brings. The development work was largely outsourced owing to a small in-house team, and the management was of internal stakeholders. That is not to downplay my role. Listening and communicating with a large academic community is no mean feat, and I take pride in the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University website.

Tomorrow I start on a web development bootcamp at Ironhack to refresh my skills utilising the latest technology and practices, but most importantly to find enjoyment in building again. The reason why I first got into web development.

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